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Send, Create, Manage Invoices

Send, Create, Manage Invoices

Create invoices using Kash’s invoice dashboard, free with Kash Direct Debit. Track payment with smart notifications.

    Direct Debit or Credit

    Direct Debit or Credit

    Offer your customers a choice in payment. Choose Direct Debit for fast, easy and affordable transactions. Or continue to offer credit card support.

      Add to Existing System

      Add to Existing System

      Use Kash smart linking to add Direct Debit as a method of payment to your existing invoicing software.

        accounts receivables simplified

        Case Study: Sausalito Cafe

        Sausalito Cafe is a family owned business that provides high quality catering to many of San Francisco’s best companies.

        Given catering margins and increasing costs, it is important for Saulsalito to keep their transaction costs in check.

        Hear why Saulsalito Cafe loves Kash.



        Instant Clearance

        Each transaction is cleared and deposited into your account by the next business day

        Secure Authorization

        Every transaction gets securely processed using standards higher than PCI and encryption levels higher than all major banks.

        Full Bank Support

        All personal and commercial banks are supported, both for you and your customers

        Fraud Prevention

        Each transaction is audited against more than 100 socio-economic signals to detect fraudulent activity, and is guaranteed against chargeback if authorized.

        Direct Invoice Linking

        Consolidate invoices back to your accounting software

        Kash Dashboard

        View customer analytics and account activity

        Ready to simplify your invoicing?

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