the easiest way to lower your transaction fees

Fast and Easy

Fast and Easy

Kash allows you to offer a payment and a loyalty solution that to your customers. Kash is faster than a credit card transaction and more secure against fraud.

Customers love Kash

Customers love Kash

Physical retailers are seeing as many as 40% of their customers switch away from credit cards to Kash. And Kash customers on average spend more money and are more loyal.

Lower fees by 80%

Lower fees by 80%

With Direct Debit, you can accept payment directly from a customer’s bank account without going through credit card companies.

merchants love us

Case Study: Sausalito Cafe

Sausalito Cafe is a small family owned chain of cafes and lunch places in San Francisco. The four location chain prides itself on providing fresh and healthy food to its loyal customers.

It is important for Saulsalito to lower its overall cost of transactions while speeding up each transaction. In their world, speed is money.

Hear why Saulsalito Cafe loves Kash.


Instant Clearance

Each transaction is cleared and deposited into your account by the next business day

Secure Authorization

Kash uses bank grade security and encrypts data at every single step. Learn more.

Fraud Prevention

Each transaction is audited against more than 100 socio-economic signals to detect fraudulent activity, and is guaranteed against chargeback if authorized.

Full Bank Support

All personal and commercial banks are supported, both for you and your customers

Advanced POS Support

Integrate with your Micros, NCR Aloha or Square POS

Manage Loyalty

Define your custom loyalty program

Cashier Management

Associate each transaction to your cashiers for full accountability

Kash Dashboard

View customer analytics and account activity

Digital Tipping

Prompt your customers for a tip on the service provided by your staff

Ready for payments made simple?

Stop card fees and chargebacks. Lower payment costs by 80%