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Stop worrying about credit card fees and chargeback fraud.

Online, Mobile or in person

With Direct Debit, you can accept payment directly from a customer’s bank account without going through credit card companies.  Direct Debit with Kash works online or in person.

Fast & Easy

Paying with Direct Debit is easy and fast. Two clicks and customers have paid and checked out. No fumbling around with a wallet. No searching for CVV code. None of the pain.

highly secure

Kash uses bank grade security and backs every transaction with a $100,000 fraud loss guarantee. No chargebacks. No fraud loss.
Just payment.

next day payment

You sell something and ship it that same day. Why should you have to wait 3-5 days for your money? With Kash, you get your money next business day. Every time.

Kash Direct Debit: For Everyone

Simple integration to fit the need of large enterprise, e-commerce, and developers

Enterprise Retail

Easy Integration

Simple Point of Sale Tech

Loyalty Add On

Plastic or Digital

Full Enterprise Support


Free Setup

No Chargebacks

Instant Clearance

Secure Authorization

Full Cart Integration


Simple API

Developer Support

Hosted Solutions

No Fraud Risk

Secure Authorization

Kash is one of those solutions that make you think, "why has it taken so long for someone to come up with this!?" It's a super valuable app that really helps our margins.
Had a great experience working with the Kash team to add this payment option. Very straightforward, and a useful addition to my store.
Julia Springer
Kash is revolutionizing the way e-commerce is done. This is the next best thing to doing a cash transaction. The money is in your account the next day. This company has great tech-support.