our mission


At Kash we are on a mission to change how people pay for things. Today, you have to pay credit card companies 3-4% for every transaction, you have to worry about chargebacks, and you have to completely design your business around credit card rules. That’s not right.

We enable developers and retailers to accept payments without paying credit card fees and without having to worry about fraud and chargebacks. Worrying about those things is our job. Your job is to build insanely good companies.

a bit of history

  • May 2014

    Kash opens up office in San Francisco after a successful stint at YC

  • June 2014

    Retail payment gateway launched in San Francisco

  • July 2014

    Kash establishes support for over 90% of US bank accounts

  • July 2015

    Kash is now used by over 200 retail locations. Former CEO of Visa joins Kash.

  • September 2015

    eCommerce Payment Gateway and API launched

the dream team

  • Kaz Nejatian
    Kaz Nejatian CEO
  • Danny Su
    Danny Su CTO
  • Geoff Flarity
    Geoff Flarity COO
  • Joe Saunders
    Joe Saunders Board Member
  • Greg Murphy
    Greg Murphy Director of Enterprise
  • Dan Roesbery
    Dan Roesbery Director of Strategy
  • Kia Nejatian
    Kia Nejatian Director of Partnerships
  • Caroline Jung
    Caroline Jung Analyst
  • Pritesh Bodalia
    Pritesh Bodalia Product Manager
  • Johnie Lee
    Johnie Lee Principal Engineer
  • Sam Wen
    Sam Wen Development Evangelist
  • Michael Wojcikiewicz
    Michael Wojcikiewicz Engineer
  • Andrey Leonov
    Andrey Leonov Engineer
  • Andrew Tran
    Andrew Tran Engineer
  • Aaron Young
    Aaron Young Engineer
  • Martin Drashkov
    Martin Drashkov Engineer
  • Amy
    Amy Ecommerce Payment Specialist

our offices

Kash has offices in San Francisco and in Kitchener. On our street, you will find Startups like Pinterest and airbnb and big companies like Google and Desire2Learn. Fun fact, between our team, we have 9 patents and at least 70 Kash t-shirts.

San Francisco, USA
388 Townsend, Unit 1 

Kitchener, Canada
33 Queen St. W  Unit 3A

our investors

Want to change the payment industry?

Join our team in our crusade against high transaction fees.