here’s how it works

  • Setup your Kash Account

    To get started, you will need to create a business profile so we understand how your business works and how you will receive payments.

  • Install Kash Payment Gateway

    Kash Payment Gateway works both in-store and on your e-commerce site. You can even integrate it directly into your platform with the API.

  • Add an incentive

    To encourage your customers to help you save money, add an exclusive benefit, or add a Kash discount, or impose a credit card fee.

  • Accept Payment

    When checking out, your customer authorizes and pays with their bank account. We guarantee against fraud and chargebacks.

  • Deposit next day

    Transactions are cleared and deposited into your bank account by the next business day.

Fraud-Free Guarantee

Fraud protection is our job, not yours. Our Direct Debit algorithm ensures that only legitimate transactions are authorized. We’re so confident that if any fraudulent activity is authorized, we will cover the amount up to $100k



direct debit

Kash allows merchants to accept payments directly from a customer’s bank account. Every customer with an online bank account can use Kash to pay on any merchant’s site or at any merchant’s store.

One step. Fast. Simple.



Credit card authorization is a multi step process that requires the merchant to send information to a gateway, then to a processor, then to an acquiring bank, then to a network, then to an issuing bank, and all the way back.

Credit card processing works like a game of broken telephone, with everyone taking a fee along the way.



direct debit

With Kash, merchants get next business day deposit for funds. Always.

There is no clawback, no chargeback, no fee changes. When you get paid, you get paid. It’s as simple as it should be.



Credit cards usually settle in two business days, but they are subject to chargebacks for much longer.

Frequently chargeback windows for credit cards are 60, 90, or 180 days long. That means merchants always have to worry about whether they actually have the money they think they have.



direct debit

Kash uses bank grade security. By utilizing SSL encryption and world-class secure server infrastructure, we make sure your information is private and secure. We also provide a $100,000 fraud loss guarantee.

Kash is hosted in a state-of-the-art SAS70 Type II, SSAE 16 facility that has achieved ISO 27001 certification. Physical access is strictly controlled by professional security staff utilizing video surveillance, state of the art intrusion detection systems, and other electronic means. Authorized staff must pass two-factor authentication no fewer than three times to access data center floors.

The system used to store Kash information is designed to achieve ‘nine 9s’ of durability, with data automatically replicated in multiple data centers.



Credit card companies use PCI standards to secure credit cards. However, every month we hear more and more about credit card hacks and security issues. Credit card fraud costs merchants nearly $200 billion every year  (View Article).

The way credit cards are processed has not changed much since the 1950s. The mutli-step nature of credit card processing means that credit card fraud is very common, especially for online transactions. That’s because if a card is stolen or if any of them links along the credit card processing are hacked, the whole system collapses.

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