payment made simple

No Card Fees. Ever.

No Card Fees. Ever.

With Direct Debit, you can accept payment directly from a customer’s bank account without going through credit card companies.

Direct Debit is a bit like a check that clears instantly, never bounces and everyone with online banking can use.

Bank Grade Security

Bank Grade Security

Kash uses bank grade security. By utilizing TLS encryption and world-class secure server infrastructure, we make sure your information private and secure.

We also provide a $100,000 fraud loss guarantee.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

EMV liability shift is costing merchants millions of dollars a week in chargebacks. With Kash, merchants avoid chargeback and fraud costs.

use direct debit for

Payment Gateway

Kash Payment Gateway can be installed on your e-commerce platform or work as a standalone payment terminal in-store.


Kash Invoice Management allows you to send electronic invoices and collect payment without interchange fees.


Use the Kash Payment Platform to add a branded retail card for your store or integrate it directly to your product with our API.

Ready for payments made simple?

Stop card fees and chargebacks. Lower payment costs by 80%

why merchants love kash

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reduction in transaction fees
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reduction in chargebacks
  • Kash makes payments easy. They handle payments. Get rid of chargebacks and reduce my transaction fees. So easy.

    Karen Fritsche Tasty Temptations / Owner
  • On some transactions we get charged 4-5%. Kash is super simple and it gets rid of credit card fees completely.

    Rania Sayij Sausalito / Owner


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